Anti-Money Laundering Masterclass

Course Overview

This Virtual two-day Masterclass is designed to provide a comprehensive look at the world of money laundering and terrorism finance. It will identify the sectors that are particularly vulnerable to exploitation, what the current international response looks like and how the methodologies employed are evolving.

This Masterclass features topical, well researched media-rich content to help contextualise key themes. The case studies help to create a linear narrative that will run for the duration of the engagement. Interactive exercise components reflect on the themes of the session and allow delegates to work the strategy in a simulated investigative environment, helping to reinforce learning objectives.

Students will be asked to critically evaluate the subject matter throughout the course and identify key learning outcomes to enhance their capabilities in this area in their own professional roles.

Topics Include:

  • Terrorist finance explained. A review of traditional and emerging CFT methodologies
  • How to identify terrorism within banking
  • The effectiveness of the current International sanctioning regime and the resourcefulness and innovation of regimes to bypass sanctions
  • The cost of Organised Criminal Networks within the EU
  • International co-operational, regulatory bodies and the consequences of failure
  • The methods and typologies of Money Laundering
  • Trade based money laundering
  • Effective compliance frameworks
  • Due Diligence, PEPs, Exposed Persons and HNWIs

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course the delegates will be able to:

  • Recognise the need for Effective Enhanced Due Diligence
  • Understand the requirements for a greater knowledge of complex structures in an AML environment
  • Achieve a stronger awareness of the current Threats and Challenges in the European Anti-Money Laundering regime
  • Undertake research and develop investigative skills and knowledge to protect institutions and the wider community
  • Develop an understanding of the risks associated with a number of areas of Financial crime

What Learners Say

Bank of Jamaica

“ I thoroughly enjoyed this training course. The material was excellent and the method of delivery kept me alert (especially those questions in between topics). “


Day One

Day Two