Government Gazette

Government Gazette is a quarterly magazine which provides quality analytical and politically neutral coverage of the leading institutions and policy makers in the European Union, its cities and regions. To give our readers the complete picture, we examine major issues affecting the EU as a whole with unique pages devoted to matters concerning European regional, city and local administrations.

The Editor of Government Gazette is Graham Watson MEP, who is a Member of the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee and Chairman of its delegation for relations with India, and the former leader of the European Parliament's Liberal Democrat group. Government Gazette is distributed across the key European political institutions, including all MEPs, senior members of the EU Commission, senior officials in the Council of Ministers, all members of the Committee of the Regions (CoR), all members of the Assembly of European Regions (AER), all members of the Association of European Regional Development Agencies (EURADA) and permanent representations of the 27 EU member states and all EU regional offices. It is also read by members of the UK Parliament.

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Some of the contributors to previous issues of Government Gazette include: