Organisational Resilience and Recovery

  • 23rd - 24th November 2023
  • Virtual Learning

Course Overview

Dynamic environments, the pace of change and unexpected crises require organisations in the public sector to demonstrate both resilience and the ability to recover.  Recovery is the ability to quickly start performing traditional functions after a crisis. Resilience is the ability to survive that crisis and go on to thrive. Both are required for successful transition and an exclusive focus on just one, or the other, exposes an organisation to high risk.

In our programme we examine a suite of strategic planning methodologies and models that facilitate not just recovery to a previous position, but the potential for enhanced performance and reputation based upon clear strategic direction.

Specifically, we explore the value of early warning systems, both for incremental change leading to a transformation and for a disruption leading to a dramatic strategic change in the environment. We test the applicability of defensive and progressive resilience approaches and introduce our strategic resilience development checklist. And we use a range of case studies as we examine the merits of business continuity modelling for the public sector.

Learning Outcomes

Participants in this interactive programme will:

  • understand the relationship between organisational resilience and recovery
  • explore incremental and disruptive change resistance
  • understand defensive and progressive resilience approaches
  • test the applicability of 4sight, 7Rs and related models
  • examine industry specific BCM approaches
  • develop a tailored resilience action plan.

Interview With One of the Training Experts


Day 1

Day 2