Two Days Policy Behavioural Insights Masterclass

Course Overview

In 2010, the UK government founded the Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) more commonly known as the "nudge unit". Nudge theory blends behavioural science, behavioural economics and political science to adjust people's behaviour in a predictable way ... and does so without forbidding any options or significantly changing economic incentives.

Our nudge training provides delegates with an understanding of human behaviour, motivations and habits. The theory examines how to encourage people to action rather than using rules, regulations or enforcement. Nudging works on the principle that small actions can have a substantial impact on the way people behave. It creates ‘choice architectures’ for these actions that encourage (but don’t force) people to make better decisions.

Our workshop approach examines underpinning theory and rehearses application to new policy challenges or opportunities.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will:

  • have an introduction to nudge theory and origins
  • compare nudge with traditional policy solutions
  • better understand examples of nudges we see every day
  • be introduced to reverse nudges and common examples
  • understand how to apply the EAST model
  • Be introduced to choice architecture and framing.