Professional Certificate in Social Development


Social development is a key priority of the UN's Post 2015 Sustainable Development Goals. The 2015 Commission on Social Development stated that vulnerabilities across the board are intensifying and that it is ultimately the poorest that are bearing the brunt.

Course Overview

The importance of sustainable social development to economic prosperity, international security and community well-being is well documented. This year, the UN noted that 80% of the global population has no access to comprehensive social protection. This limited progress of the MDGs demonstrates the critical need for greater awareness, funding and leadership to tackle issues such as lack of equal access to education and health provision.

Throughout this programme, participants examine how such topical areas can be integrated into organisational and policy frameworks in a sustainable manner. Expert trainers in the field will cover the current international frameworks, initiatives, and best practice, to inform discussion and the analysis of case studies. Detailed knowledge of how to integrate relevant issues such as gender, as well as how to engage society in the policy-making process, will be analysed, followed by monitoring and evaluation mechanisms that are crucial for governments to effectively monitor progress and implement meaningful change. This combination of knowledge and skill development will provide participants with the ability to improve social access in their organisation and community.


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