Professional Certificate in the Work of Public Accounts Committees

Course Overview

The increasing emphasis on good governance and accountability processes for government entities has changed the way public administration and public sector accounting functions around the world. A key component of the accountability process is to establish an effective Public Accounts Committee (PAC).

Public Accounts Committees’ scrutinising powers are essential to improving the accountability of policymaking, public finance and expenditure in government. Integrating mechanisms that support financial scrutiny, as well as utilising internal and external relationships, ensures that PACs are regarded as a critical tool of governance.

Through presentations, workshops and discussions with leading practitioners in the field, this programme is designed to provide the best examples of a working public accounts committee that ensures effective public spending whilst holding government to account for the delivery of services. Participants will examine in depth how to hold effective inquiries, the details of public financial management and how to modernise public accounts committees.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Establish an effective inquiry
  • Improve auditing and scrutiny skills to ensure value for public money
  • Identify and utilise the relationship between a PAC and a national audit institution
  • Understand the perspectives of witnesses appearing before PAC hearings


Day 1

Day 2