Professional Certificate in Electoral Processes in Post-Conflict Environments

Course Overview

Elections are one of the most important elements in moving any country out of conflict and into a state of civil governance and consensus. Their implementation, however, is often uniquely difficult, given the conditions of conflict-zones. This course will look in detail at how best to proceed in such circumstances, building confidence in the system and the participants, ensuring compliance with international standards, and developing plans for effective training across the electoral system.

How You Will Benefit

  • Develop a deeper understanding of the role of elections in post-conflict contexts
  • Integrate international standards in elections into your own election planning to achieve international and domestic credibility
  • Examine possible solutions to difficulties such as the registration of displaced voters, and the security of voters and EMB staff
  • Analyse and develop plans to implement procurement procedures for sensitive equipment to international standards
  • Develop strategic delivery and communications strategies to manage election day and its aftermath


Day 1

Introduction to gender equity and strategic planning

Day 2

Legislating for gender equity

Day 3

Gender and key policy areas

Day 4

Methods for establishing gender equity

Day 5

Financing and action plans