Simon Webley

Research Director, Institute of Business Ethics (IBE)

Simon has been Research Director at the Institute of Business Ethics in London since 1998. The Institute is a not-for-profit organisation based in London which helps organisation in many countries develop and implement business ethics policies and programmes.

He has published numerous studies on all aspects of business ethics, the most recent being: Towards Ethical Norms in International Business Transactions (2014), Corporate Ethics Programmes Survey, UK & Continental Europe (2013) and Employee Views of Ethics at Work: 2012 British Survey. He has lectured and facilitated training on business ethics issues for organisations in many countries.

Simon is a member of the ICC’s Commission on Corporate Responsibility and Anti-corruption and the British Standards Institute’s (BSI) Anti Bribery Standard’s Panel.

He has a Masters degree in economics and political science from Trinity College, Dublin. He was a visiting Fellow of the City (now Cass) Business School from 1993-2003.

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